My name is Matthew Lowe, and I am 13 14 years old, and I live in New Zealand, where I can observe and photograph the dark southern skies!
I was born on 14th July 1987, and I got interested in astronomy through my school-work (I am home-schooled) about 3 years ago, (around mid 98) and started astrophotography about 1 year ago, (around mid 2000) and now this is where I am!
You can contact me at I do have the MSN Messenger as well, so you can chat to me on there if you want!
During my interest in astronomy and astrophotography, I have met Charlie Duke and David Malin.
Charlie Duke was the Lunar Module pilot for the Apollo 16 lunar mission.
He (and his wife, Dottie) gave a talk about his mission to the Moon, his life, as well as a few other things.
David Malin is one of the worlds best astrophotographers. He gave a talk about how he takes his astrophotos, and showed us quite a few of them. He uses the 3.9 meter telescope at the Anglo Australian Observatory to take his astrophotos.
I also write a monthly article about what is happening in the sky for the local paper in my town, which I have been doing since May 2001.

Clear Skies!

Had enough of me already?! Have a look at some of my other pages then, if you haven't already!

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