My Astrophotos.

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From now on, I will add new photos as I take them - so keep checking back!
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Auroral Glow, 20th March 2001, 8:25pm Sunset from the Wharf, 27th July 2001, 5:18pm ISS, 7th May 2001, 6:36pm Comet C/2001 A2 LINEAR, 20th June 2001, 5:50am
Orion, 14th November 2000, 10:35pm Mercury & Venus, 5th October, 8:42pm Moon & Venus, 30th October, 8:35pm Solar Halo, 8th August 2001, 9:49am
101x view of the Moon, 7th August 2001, 6:03am

April 10th:

  • An old CCD image of NGC 5128.
  • An old CCD image of 47 Tucanae.

    April 2nd:

  • I found some through-the-telescope shots of the Moon while going through some old films! I have uploaded 7 new images into the through-the-telescope gallery.

    April 1st:

  • Moon & Jupiter
  • Moon & Jupiter #2

    March 19th:

  • Moon & Mercury
  • Moon & Mercury #2
  • Corpuscular Rays #3
  • Iridium Flare
  • Sun-rise
  • Sun-set

    March 2nd:

  • Corpuscular Rays #2
  • Comet C/2000 WM1 LINEAR
  • Comet C/2000 WM1 LINEAR #2

    February 28th:

  • NEW GALLERY!!! I have added a Through-The-Telescope gallery, full of new images! So check it out and let me know what you think!
  • Corpuscular Rays at Sundown
  • Moon & Jupiter conjunction
  • Moon, Jupiter & Saturn
  • International Space Station
  • Cloud and the Hyades cluster
  • Sunset at Stardate 2002

    Also, have a look at some space art by Isaac Campbell.

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