I use a Manual SLR Olympus OM2N camera. It is a bit old, but it takes good photos!
With that I have a 28mm lens, a 50mm lens, an 85 - 205mm zoom lens (see pictures below), and a 2x tele-converter.

Then for through-the-telescope photography, as well as observing, I have a Polaris 114 EQ-D 4.5 Meade reflecting telescope, on a German Equatorial Mount.

I always use a fast film, either 400 or 800 ASA. I use Fuji Superia 800 just about all the time.
It is said that photos have a greenish tinge when taken using Fuji Superia 400. This may be different in other countries though. The best way to find the best film is to try out different brands and stick with the one which you like the best.

Another thing I really recommend is writing down the photo details! I do this with every one of my photos. I write down how long the exposure was, what lens I used, and what F/ratio I had the lens set to etc etc. You can use a simple notebook to write these down in, but I have made up a form on my computer especially for it. If you want a copy of it, let me know, and I will e-mail one to you, or you can just download one straight from my site. [26KB]

2x teleconverter, 85 -205mm zoom lens, 28mm lens, and the Olympus OM2N with 50mm lens on
From left to right: 2x tele-converter; 85 - 205mm zoom lens; 28mm lens; The Olympus OM2N, with the 50mm lens on; and the shutter release cable.

4mm eyepiece, 9mm plossl eyepiece, 12.5mm eyepiece, 25mm eyepiece, camera adaptor & T-Mount
From left to right: 4mm EP; 9mm Plossl EP; 12.5mm EP; 25mm EP; Camera adaptor; T-mount.

Polaris 114EQ-D: 4.5'' Equatorial Reflector, Meade
My 4.5" Meade Reflecting telescope.

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