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    Telescope Companys':

  • Meade telescopes.
  • Celestron telescopes.
  • Orion telescopes.
  • York Optical telescopes.
  • Bushnell optics & telescopes.
  • Discovery Telescopes.
  • Tasco (American site) or Tasco (Australian site).
    Observatories and Astronomy Societies:

    NZ Links:

  • Royal Astronomical Society of NZ. (RASNZ)
  • Auckland Observatory.
  • Auckland Astronomical Society.
  • Hamilton Observatory.
  • Carter Observatory.
  • Phoenix Astronomical Society.
  • Wellington Astronomical Society.

    World-wide Links:

  • Gemini North and Gemini South observatories.
  • Anglo Australian Observatory. (AAO)
  • Mt. Wilson Observatory.
  • Griffith Observatory.
    Astrophotography Websites:

  • Astronomy Picture Of the Day archive.(APOD)
  • Bartek Okonek's astrophotography webpage.
  • Chris Picking's astrophotography webpage.
  • David Ryle's astrophotography webpage.
  • Dominic Cantin's astrophotography webpage.
  • James Young's astrophotography webpage.
  • Jason Ware's CCD imaging webpage.
  • Jerry Lodriguss's astrophotography webpage.
  • Joe Orman's astrophotography webpage.
  • Keith Cooley's astrophotography webpage.
  • Philip Perkins' astrophotography webpage.
  • Russell Cockman's astrophotography webpage.
  • Stephen Voss' astrophotography webpage.
  • Steve Mandel's astrophotography webpage.
  • Thad V'Soske's astrophotography webpage.
    Other Links:

    If you want your site listed on here, e-mail me the address and I will put it up.
    If you know of any other good sites that I haven't got listed here, e-mail them to me as well.

    You can use the google search window below to search the web for other astronomy websites.


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