From left to right: Orions Belt & Sword, Sunset through the trees, Near-Full Moon, Venus & Jupiter Conjunction, Corpuscular Rays

Welcome to my astronomy & astrophotography webpage!

This webpage is about astrophotography, as well as astronomy, so it doesn't matter what part you are interested in, you'll still be able to learn something from here!

Here are the main pages on my website:

  • Chat with other astronomers and stargazers in my chat room!

  • Current Events.

  • Astrophotography for the beginner!

  • My astrophotos, or you can have a look at some space art, done by a member of the Astronomy Club For Teens. The astrophotos section is updated often, so keep checking back!

  • Have a look at My Equipment.

  • The Solar System, as well as observing the planets of the Solar System. I also have an asteroid & comet page.

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